Manage embedded Linux devices

Control, secure and provision your IoT infrastructure!

A great way to control your distributed
Internet of Things devices

We enable you to remotely control any Linux device through firewalls or mobile networks. Our lightweight agent can be installed on any Linux box. Secure devices, monitor critical processes, performance and stop doing manual ssh. We support Raspberry Pi, Multitech, odroid, Kerlink LoRaWAN gateways and many other devices out of the box. No software development or containers involved.

Remote Management

Remotely manage a distributed IoT infrastructure with multiple device classes from the same interface. Our extremely lightweight agent will use proven server automation technology to give you full control and flexibility.

Onboard new devices automatically

Pre-install our agent (scripted). Securely bootstrap it to the backend and start managing all your devices through a single web interface. Automate all configuration to guarantee a secure and defined setup.

Secure existing devices

Use in new projects or retro-fit existing installations to increase security and reliability. Enforce firewall rules, manage ssh keys and network connections. Build in watchdog. Configure services with templating. Patch critical libraries when the next security disaster surfaces.

Key Features

Manage most parts of your devicesĀ“ lifecycle with advanced automation technology. Our lightweight and secure local agent constantly monitors your system. It receives state information from our backend server and autonomously enforces these in the field, even if you lose communication for a while.
  • Enforce firewall security and update users or ssh keys.
  • See current device metrics like CPU and memory use.
  • Update software and patch Linux libraries.
  • Monitor critical processes and respawn them.
  • Login access through a secure reverse tunnel.
  • Configure services like Node-Red through templating.
  • Get logs and audit trails for any change or deviation.
  • Get alerts if devices go offline. Watchdog for network stack.
  • Get visual feedback about device state and location.
  • Complete REST API for all functionality.
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Example use cases of our device management software brings full server automation capabilities to embedded devices. This opens up for many new use cases. A lot of features are enabled out of the box, others can be implemented as customer projects.

Manage any
LPWAN network

Manage hundreds of LoRaWAN, Zigbee or 6LoWPAN gateways from different vendors to create a reliable radio coverage.

Control your Raspberry PI
digital signage solution

Control multiple RPIs in distributed locations to ensure the uptime of your digital signage solution. Remotely install patches and monitor stability.

Your vending machine
needs a software update enables you to update application software packages automatically on a large number of devices. Stop all involved processes, update to a new version, start processes and keep them under continuous surveillance. Individually configure with templating.

DonĀ“t loose control
of your embedded devices

A single pane web interface controls multiple embedded device classes. Get status updates on CPU load, memory, internal disk space metrics and much more.